End of Spring - Morning Adventure to Bucheon Sangdong Lake Park 부천 상동호수공원

'Flowers can illuminate  a day, break the routine, brighten a room, and turn the grayness into happiness.'

Finally manage to get some time to sit and blog again, my final exam class and seasonal related 'malaise' keep me busy yet sleepy for most of the time #lah but im glad i did it today

Maybe its just me, who love flower lil bit too much, but who can go wrong with flower right?
Thats why long time ago when first time seen the poppy flower, bucheon has been in my bucket list. Its the  the nearest place i could find planted with mesmerizing wild  poppies and green barley field.
Even though the red poppy which has come to symbolise the remembrance day and contains the opium concentrate, walking, touching, or sniffing it will make you sedated. However if you found someone fall asleep in the middle of poppy field, it might be because he/she want to take an selfie, model look pose, or too relaxed because of the beautiful surroundings. I went to sangdong lake park at 20th of May, around 6 o'clock in the morning, the sun already risen but some of the lake area was still covered by mist. The red field poppy and the silvery green barley grassfield combined with the misty air and sunlight creates the silvery luminance and airy picturesque sights.
(this one is the same picture with my main which taken by analog camera and this one taken by digital camera)

all the pictures down below were taken with my analog camera and the very first one is also from the film. Im super love with the effect, no other editing proccess were done, i only put the watermark, thats all.

 hi ahjumma~~

 i was asked who was taken the my potrait picture for several time, so this is the answer of your question, my dearly tripod is always dependable and responsible for taken my potraits, because i always travel by my self and i always feel insecure to ask stranger take my picture. So what i did was setting the apperture, focus, and of course self timer and taadaah make your pose, you just need to practice. ^^ 

Its my first time taking picture using analog camera and i know its still far from good so please keep reading and watch me guys ^^ 

the poppies can be found during mid to late may until early to mid june so if you planning to see poppies or green barley you can come here to sangdong lake park.
click here for the directions

all photos unless otherwise stated are taken by me. Any unauthorized use of photos is prohibited. None of these pictures may be reused in any form or by any means, without written permission. Please kindly write to me if you wish to reuse these photos.

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  1. Omg, I think I made a mistake stumble up on your blog. :D
    It made me miss Korea so much more. The pictures above are sooooo beautiful