Gyodong Jjampong Daejeon Station 전국 짬뽕맛집 - 교동 대전

One of the most ordered delivery food in Korea is Korean-Chinese cuisines jjampong -짬뽕 (spicy seafood noodles) and jjajangmyeon-짜장면 (black bean noodle) , Incheon china town well known with the delicious blackbean noodles (they even had the jjajangmyeon museum there).

Here in Daejeon, Korean 5th largest city, you can find the one of the best chinese restaurant that serve jjampong in Korea or what so called 전국 짬뽕 맛집 . I only knew sung sim dang as the representative food in daejeon and it can only be bought at Daejeon. 

Gyodong - 교동 is located not far from Daejeon station, you can easily find it near exit 3 of Daejeon station. 

The soup was well flavored, not greasy at all, the seafood also cook well, no fishy aftertaste, love it, 
If you ever watch korean variety show esp the couple telepathy game they usually gave this question jjajangmyeon or jjampong? Personally im a jjampong person not a jjajangmyeon i like the spicy food better. 

Have you ever tried any of them? i dont recommend to eat jjajangmyeon here in korea esp if you are non-pork-eater unless they stated its the vegetarian jjajangmyeon or you get it from the halal restaurant. Jjampong for most of the time they only use seafood broth and only contains seafood but some vendors do mixed it with minced pork too.

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