Taste of Thailand in Hongdae - Kkaoli Pochana

Kkaoli pochana is one of korean styled thailand food-chain that i recently tried. Thailand food here might be outnumbered compared to western but if  you are missing thai food while here in seoul, kkaoli pochana is the one that you might want to try.

 The taste of the food is quite similar to the authentic thailand cruisine, and somehow i think they did lot of effort to make the restaurant looked simple and rusty.
 the only thing i can complain about is the menu which is quite difficult to read. it might be better if they could print it instead of placed it on the wall.

Happy me when i see the cayenne pepper soaked with soy sauce.. maybe this is the only place in the entire korea that had cayenne pepper and soy sauce >.<
 love their thai milk tea too >.<

click here for the map and location of hongdae's branch

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