Korean Full Course Hanjeongsik Restaurant Yeong Bin Gwan (Bi Won) 영빈관 비원 한정식 인천 맛집

Hanjeongsik or korean full course meal is something that you need to eat while visiting Korea, why? because you can simply taste variety kind of korean dishes that formerly served for royal or high level family. Most of the hanjeongsik are quite expensive, especially for dinner course (usually lunch course more cheaper).

 Yeong Bin Gwan literally means place for treats important guest and it does live up to its name! compared to the Sun (read the review here) i like this one better, the variety of dishes, flavour, and of course price.

It costed 35000 krw for the complete course and its even include korean beef bbq and beef stew with ginseng as a topping too. I couldnt take the whole dish because it were coming one by one and most of the dishes emptied soon after served. >.< 

Address : Incheon Namdong-gu Guwol-dong 1133-30
                인천광역시 남동구 구월동 1133-30
Phone : +82-32-428-0028
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