Gyeongdong Market - The Biggest Herb Medicine Market

Seoul which is  potrayed as a restless city, high-tech technology city, skyscrapers, and 24 hours modern shop, Gyeongdong Market seems to be the the place that untouched by its modernicity.  Located near Jaegi station, its well known as the wholesale and retail market for agricultural products. Gyeongdong market also serves as the biggest  herbal and ginseng market  in Korea. 

Soon as you arrived to the market pile of the fresh fruits, vegetables, countless traditional medicine ingredients and numerous people that coming to the market. 

 They even have the specialized area for ginseng wholesale 

What I like when shopping in the market is you can buy in the small price and of course in the super great bargain. I even saw whole chicken sold as cheap as 1800 krw, 4500 krw for 600gr of fresh pork belly, and super cheap and fresh vegetable. 
  Like the ordinary market you can find almost everything.Most of the visitor bring their own carts for shopping >.< 

Address: Seoul, Dongdaemun-gu Wangsan-ro 147  (Jegi-dong 1018)
서울특별시 동대문구 왕산로 147 (제기동 1018)

Go straight from exit 2 of Jegidong station you can see the market ater crossing the traffic light.
Click here for the map and directions to the market 

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