8b Dolce Sinsa - Too Pretty to be Eaten

Japan is famous for keeping up with the latest trends, make something super cute and girly. In example the Lolita fashion style that have became craze all over the world. (I used to be a fan of Lolita in the past too). Their latest trend is the fancy flower dessert in  bavarian cream dessert. Bavarian cream, cream bavaroise or bavarois is a dessert like pastry cream but thickened with gelatinor isinglass instead of flour or cornstarch. It often served with fruit sauce or as filling for doughnuts, cakes and waffles.

Flower Bavarois firstly created by Japanese bakery hana-ro-babaroa (havaro bavarois). The flower will be visible through its clear gelatin upper layer. These elegant treats also introduced to Korea by the 8b Dolce chain.

Edible actual flower are used as the centerpiece of this jelly actually complement each other. there are lot of flavor that you can choose at their store, this also can be customized but  it need to be reserved beforehand.

I ordered the mango bavarois, its not too sweet, some part of the petals have a crisp texture but its not  taste bitter at all. Surely a delight for the eyes >.< for cut it? quite a dilemma at the first time, well food are made to be eaten aint it right?? ..

8b Dolce
Apgujeong-ro 14beongil 35 Gangnam-gu Seoul
서울특별시 강남구 앞구정로14번길
Website : 8bdolce.co.kr

From Apgujeong Station exit 4 walk around 600 meter to the store

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