Namdaemun Flower Market - The Scent of Secret Garden

The only flower market that i know is Yangjae Flower Market which is located at Basement of Express Bus Terminal at Gangnam area until i found this secret garden. Namdaemun Market is the largest traditional market in Korea with various goods sold at affordable prices. You can find almost everything here and its also functioning as the wholesale markets.
항상 꽃 사고싶을때 양재 꽃도매상가 밖에 모른다. 남대문에도 꽃도매상가 있네요!

Namdaemun Flower Market is in the 3th floor of wholesale market. Although its not as big as Yangjae its actually the first flower market in Korea. Soon as you enter the market the pleasant fragrance of flowers will greet you. You can also find dry flowers, potted plant, artificial flowers, wrapping, and pots.
남대문 꽃시장은 3층 한층인데 양재꽃시장 보다 좀 작지만 한국에서 첫번재 꽃시장 이라던데요... 조화꽃과 생화꽃, 드라이프라워, 포장하는곳, 화분 다 한곳에 모여있으니까 아주 편합니다. 입구부터 꽃향기가 솔솔~~~ 진짜 꽃천기이다

I found my fave eucalyptus for only 4000 krw / bucket  and 5 of cotton flower for 4000 krw its super cheap! even the cheapest one at internet shopping still cost you twice to three times from this.
요기에서 유칼립투스 1다발 4 천원이고 목화꽃을 1자기 4000원 샀다. 인터넷 보다 가격이 훨씬 착하네요!


Yangjae maybe bigger but for me Namdaemun is better. People who dont buy super huge amount of flower but still want the wholeseller price this place is for you.
남대문 꽃시장은 양재꽃도매상가 보다 규모가 크지않지만 있을건 다 있고 부담없이 꽃 필요한 만큼 저렵하게 살수 있는곳이다.

Namdaemun market (남대문시장)
From Hoehyeon Subway Station Line 4 exit 5
회현역 4호선 5번출구
open monday to thursday from 3am - 3 pm, friday and saturday until 4 pm.
영업시간 월요일-목요일 3am - 3pm
금요일, 토요일 3am - 4pm, 일요일 휴무

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