Blüte - Hongdae Gardening Cafe 블뤼테 가드닝 카페

Blüte means flower or blossom in German. Blüte is another flower cafe located in the Hongdae university area, near sangsu station. Compared to Lovin her Florte which i already review here it have different feeling and ambience, florte is more girly but this one is more like a green gardening cafe surely life up to its name. Outdoor seating under the shady trees, potted flowers and beautiful dried and fresh flower makes the picturesque and gentle ambience of the cafe.

Hundreds of yellow roses hanging from the ceiling to recreate the 2003's famous korean drama summer scent.

Spacious interior, and nicely arranged decor and furniture make it a good place for a photo spots.

Did i mention the lemon cheese tart is a must try here?i love it.. not too sweet, and lil hint of lemon make it perfect combination with the cheese cream.

Seoul Mapo-gu Wausan-ro 14gil 12
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How to go:
From Sangsu station 상수역 Line 6 exit 2 go straight until the 2 intersections and turn right.
click here for the maps.
all photos unless otherwise stated are taken by me. Any unauthorized use of photos is prohibited. None of these pictures may be reused in any form or by any means, without written permission. Please kindly inform me if you wish to reuse these photos


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