Catching the Autumn Leaves - Nami Island

Autumn, the season when the weather starts to take on the slight chills, leaves are beginning to turn from green to yellow, orange, brown, and red. The seasons of sweater and hot matcha latte. My fave seasons of the years when the warmth of summer still lingering yet the crispness of the air feel so refreshing. No doubt  its the best season for travelling too!

I've been go to Nami island in the winter when i first coming to korea but i really want to visit it again to witness the beauty of fall foliage. Of course you can also hike to Seorak Mountain, or Jiri Mountain to see the nature scenery but for me i prefer go to Nami.
Nami island is an imaginary country which has invented their passport, currency, stamp, and telephone card. To enter the island you need to buy admission ticket  (10000 krw). Make sure to take your passport with you to get the foreigner discount (8000 krw).

The fall foliage will be at the beginning of November, but keep in mind Nami is a busy place so prepared for the crowd and go there as early as possible. In case that you miss the autumn Nami is still a beautiful place to go all arounf the year.

Nami isn't that big. You can walk around the entire island in an hour, but you can also rent the tandems or bycycles too. Nami is tend to be more expensive so if you are travel on a budget pack ur lunch and picnic blanket and you can surely find a good place to enjoy ur meal. But i recommend to get some streetfood while in nami and try chuncheon  'dalkgalbi-닭갈비' the korean marinated stir fried chicken at any restaurant located near the ferry terminal.

How to Get to Nami:
Get of at Gapyeong Station 가평역(Gyeongchun Line 경춘 - Turqoise Line) then you can walk, take a taxi or green bus number 33-5 or 33-24 from the bus station the front of the station.

Yongsan to Gapyeong (1 hour) - 5200 krw
Cheongyangni to Gapyeong (42 min) - 4300 krw
Chuncheon to Gapyeong (20 min) - 3000 krw
check the train schedule and also reserve online from here

Shuttle Bus 
From Insa-dong (Nearby the West gate of Tapgol Park ) and Namdaemun (Sungnyemun Square Bus Stop in the front of Namdaemun Market) - 7500 krw (one way)/15000 krw (round trip)

From Yongsan Station 용산역 Line 1 buy the ticket (5200 krw) and in an hour you will arrived at gapyeong. Then take bus number 33-5 or 33-24 from the bus station in the front of gapyeong station.

all photos unless otherwise stated are taken by me. Any unauthorized use of photos is prohibited. None of these pictures may be reused in any form or by any means, without written permission. Please kindly inform me if you wish to reuse these photos


  1. hello, may I know when exactly you visited Nami? exact date please :)

    1. hi there unknown~
      i dont know why you need an exact date for.
      As for the fall foliage it always change every year why not try to keep watching to the KTO website or the nami island facebook page because they updated it on daily basis.
      hope it helps.

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