Autumn Picturesque Landscape of Yangju Nari Park 양주나리공원

천일홍 - 천일동안 변치 않고 기다리는 꽃 이란다.
Globe amaranth - 1000 days unchanged flower, the flower that popular because its color unchanged even after dried. Flower that symbolize eternal unchanged love.

 The flower will be blooms from the end of August until October, it last quite long.

 This purple field somehow reminds me of the famous lavender field in provence. >.< Its so pretty right?
Yangju is one of the city in Gyeonggi province, that you can easily access by bus or subway. The city whe. I went to this park after saw lot of Korean photographer mention it in naver blog and Instagram.
 I arrived at there 7 o'clock in the morning even right after sunrise, i'm lucky huh? Most of the the picture turn out nicely thanks to the golden hour.

As usual i went to the park early in the morning and arrived there around 7 o'clock it takes more than 1 hour to go there from Incheon  by subway. The park is quite huge and almost all of the field filled with various kind of flower. Globe amarath 천일홍, zinnia 백일흥, Lindheimer bee blossom 가우라 and cosmos 코스모스

How to go:
From any subway station stop at Yangju Station 양주역 Line 1 exit 2 and take bus number 80 from Yangju bus station (68-099) get off at Haedong Maeul Bus Station 해동 마을 전류장 (15 stations).
Take the same bus from the opposite direction to go back to Yangju Station. (
You can also take taxi from yangju station to nari park (5000 krw)

지도 크게 보기

Yangju Nari Park 양주 나리 공원
Gyeonggi-do Yangju-si Gwangsa-dong 731
경기도 양주시 관사동 731

all photos unless otherwise stated are taken by me. Any unauthorized use of photos is prohibited. None of these pictures may be reused in any form or by any means, without written permission. Please kindly inform me if you wish to reuse these photos


  1. Hi hi, was Nari Park opened by 7am when you were there?
    I saw the operating hour starts from 9am to 8pm and closed on Saturdays.


    1. i have been there twice. Last year and few weeks ago. its actually an open park and it didnt have any closing or opening hour. you can go there in early in the morning.

  2. haaiii...what is the best time to visit yangju nari park??
    if i go there on third week of October is that too late??
    thank you

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