Chasing the Falling Leaves - Autumn at Incheon Grand Park

Autumn, seasonal time when nature changes every leaf into flower. Vibrant color from bright yellows to bright red transforming the trees into the rich and vibrant hues. The foliage season begins in October and will last until mid of the November.

Lot of place in Korea where you can enjoy the fall foliage such as the popular tourist destination Nami Island, Seorak Mountain, Naejang Mountain, but if you actually you don't have to travel so far to take in the beauty of fall foliage. Here in Incheon Grand Park, you can also catch a glimpse of this nature phenomenon.

Incheon Grand Park have 2 area of autumn tunnels 단풍터널  the Zelkova trees tunnel and Cherry trees tunnel . Both of them at autumn will be the best location to take the  autumn scenery. If you want to take a good picture, come at the park early in the morning and  you can take as much as your heart desires. The park it self is quite big. There is a zoo, forest library, arbouretum, four season sledge park, and camping site inside of it so make sure you plan enough time for strolling around this park.

How to Go:
The most easy way to go to Incheon Grand Park is by subway. Stop at Incheon Grand Park Station 인천대공원역 - Incheon Line 2 (orange line). if you walk from the subway station you will be arrived at the Nam-mun - south gate ( marked with the red circle ) keep walking straight and you will find the tunnel. (arrow marked area)

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