Haneul Park - Seoul Silver Grass Festival 2016 서울 억색풀축제

Silver Grass, or Eulalia - 억색풀 (oksaekpul) is one of my bucket list every autumn. I went there every year and it still amazed me every time i come.

Actually in Korea you can find this type of grass near river or at the field near apartment but this one is in the different league. 

Haneul park is huge, located in the top of a hill which need  sort of a hike and of course most of it filled with silvery fluffy grass which i find most appealing.

I have posted about this park in last year and at the night. As i told in my previous post about haneul park here, the festival already end at 16th but you still can enjoy the beauty of the silver grass until the end of November until 6 pm.

From any subway station in Seoul go to World Cup Stadium Station (월드컵경기장)at Line 6 walk around 20-30min to the park. 

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