Hongdae Garden cafe - Vers

Vers, this garden concept cafe is running by two oppa's instead of the usual beautiful onni's. 
If you have read about blute and florte that i posted before, this cafe have a similar but different atmosphere.

 The juice and tea are recommended here. They also sells bouquets and potted plant too here, you can also buy oppa's arranged bouquets here

They even kindly explain the herb function and how it will be matched with the beverage their served. The leaf that put in the straw surprisingly sweet and nice. I don't know what kind of leaf it is though >.< The ice block using for the beverages also had flower inside of it so pretty


Overall its a nice cafe, i love the ambiance how cozy it is and the beverage also taste good. If you want a to search good cafe around hongdae, that have a good ambiance and good beverage, this is the place you can try

How to go:
From exit 3 of Hongdae Station walk around 10 min 

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