Incheon Daytrip - Wolmido - Chinatown - Incheon Open Port

Sorry for neglecting my blog for quite a long time...
Paper, seminar, and the upcoming confrence took almost all of my free time >.<
Last week i went to another trip with Incheon Tourism for tour around China town, Wolmido and Incheon Open Port, i've been there for several time of course but well i never make a proper post for it.

we started from fairy tale village near china town. If you ever read about the famous jjangmyeon bingsu from cafe oz that i had posted here before, we visited those cafe again since its too cold we had coffee instead of jjajangmyeon bingsu

as soon as we walk out of the cafe, the snow starts falling from the sky. It was so cold and we decided to take lunch earlier than scheduled. We went to the restaurant called 유가복 - yoogabok, we ordered 불삼겹 짜장면 - spicy pork belly jjajangmyeon it look alright but taste bland, 새우 짜자면 surprisingly taste good, 하얀 짬뽕 white jjampong that taste nice , 해물쟁판짜장 stirfried seafood jjajangmyeon also so-so, and 해물덮밥 Rice and seafood that i like over all of the dish.

After meal we went to the jjajangmyeon restaurant place where you can see all the history about jjajangmyeon the black bean noodle. And yes its a korean food even though it was introduced by Chinese people in the past. 

Besides of the interesting Chinese based history, incheon also have streets with Japanese nuance in the open port. The Japanese bank, along with old post office, and art platform is the may want to visit.

Our next destination in the chinatown  is experience cafe 개항장사랑 카페 - Open Port Love Cafe, this is definitely place you dont want to visit. Why? first i like the concepts of the cafe they dont only sell healthy yet tasty food but also creating life-changing opportunity for young people with disabillities so almost all the people employed here are disabled people. Second, Here you can learn to make pizza, korean traditional candy, dalgona, learn how to be a barista and make your own drink, or get a relaxation massage. We tried several drink here, and yeahh all of them are tasty!! so make sure you visit this place when you are around china town. 

we went to wolmido park and observatory too, but its the way too cold >>.<<

The last but not least sinpo sijang and its dalkgangjeong, i have mention it before in my previous post.

all of the place that mentioned here actually can be reached easily by using Incheon city bus with only 5000 krw

Have another place in incheon that you want me to visit?
let me know at the comment section below ^^

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  1. I always love your posts and pics! What type of camera do you use?

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