Snowflakes tracking - Deokgyu Mountain - Muju 무주 덕유산 눈꽃 트래킹

 The best part of winter seasons for me is snow, and  i do enjoy is hiking on a snow covered mountain. Of course i'm just a recreational occasional hiker. But the sight of the white snow covered tree and surrounding embrace and refresh the inner child in me.  This might not look much to those of you who get a lot of snowfall and live at the four seasons country but for me the tropical girl is a huge deal. So as long as i live here in Korea, i will enjoy it as much as i can.

 For you who have followed my Instagram, i posted some of my picture when i went to Deokgyusan. Deokgyusan is famous to Korean too because of its had one of the Korean National Park in the top of the Mountain. It also has the fourth highest mountain peak in South Korea - Hyangjeokbong (1614 m) which preserve the sub alpine ecosystem.

Deokgyusan is can be a good place for recreational to serious hiker, as for me the beginner, i took Gondola to reach the Seolcheonbong peak (15 minutes ride, 15000 krw for round trip) and hiked the Highest Peak - Hyangjeokbong for another 20 minutes.
For the serious advance hikers, you can walk from the ground to Seolcheonbong around 4 hours and hike to Hyangjeokbong.

If you have read about my previous post about Inje Birch Forest, this one might be seems easier but believe me, you need crampons especially when you go back, because all of the stairs here covered with super thick snow and quite slippery to walk through it. I also recommend to buy it online. I got mine for around 10000 krw vs 30000 krw for the lower quality one there but if you can't grab it online, then just rent it at the korean traditional building at Seolcheonbong after you get off from the Gondola.

How to go: Take bus from Seoul Nambu Terminal take bus to Muju Bus terminal, from Muju terminal take muju resort shuttle bus (free) to Muju Resort.
during weekend, gondola only for the reserved passengers, so if you planning to go during weekend make sure to reserve it beforehand at m.mydsresort.com

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