Welcoming Spring - Gurye Sansuyu Village

Even though its not as strong as rose and not as gorgeous as the white cherry blossom,
just as simple as it seems, "Love that would be unchanged forever''

Its always amazed me, how He made the blossoms sprung from the dead wood, stumble across the delicate colorful spring flowers especially after the cold and dark wintery months. 
Sansuyu - 산수유 or cornelian cherry flower one of the early bloomed flower. This small crownlike yellow flower easily mistaken with forsythia or 개나리, but if you look closely they are really different. Sansuyu means 영원 불변한 사랑 that means the love that would be unchanged forever or everlasting love. compared to another flower blooming trees, sansuyu last quite long, around 1-2 weeks compared to the 5 days cherry blossoms >.<

Gurye province in Korea is so famous for sansuyu after a maiden from china brought and planted lot of this tree around the Jiri-Mountain district in Gurye Province. Every year in mid of March, Sangwi village, home of more than 30.000 sansuyu trees transform in to the yellow district that makes a beautiful spring landscape. 

We dont have enough time to explore the whole village due because we arrived late in the afternoon, i only have less than 30 minutes due to the time limitation but if you coming early enough you can also walk along the reservoir and to the sarang gongwon that located near the village, During festival (18-26 March 2017) there will be lot of activities held in the village check here for more information 

How to go: 
You can also takes public transportation to go there but its quite tricky so i recommend to go with travel agent like this  or if you are fluent in korean you can search via timon, or 11st, or wemakeprice. 

If you are still want to by public transportation, you can follow this directions to go to gurye sansuyu village. 
-. Take bus from Seoul nambu bus terminal to Gurye bus terminal (19.900 krw - one way) 
-. From Gurye bus terminal take bus to 구례-월계 Gurye-Wolgye or 구례-중동 Gurye-Jungdong  (make sure of the direction before you get in to the bus ) and get off at 하위마을  Hauei village Bus Station  if you are not sure how to talk in korea say "하위마을 가요? Haeui Maeul ga yo??" 
-. Walk around 1 .1 km to the village 

Check here for the maps. 

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  1. I love all your photos of sansuyu flowers, thank you for your information. I can imagine myself how to enjoy these flowers if I have a chance to visit Korea. So may i use your pictures for my new article? I wanna write something about sansuyu by Vietnamese. I promise i will write your full credit.