Season's Greeting - Gwangyang Maewha Village

Spring is coming, flower buds swelling, and in some instances leaves are begin to expand, while the cherry blossomsfestival get the major attention as Korea's spring blossoms, this Plum flower comes one month earlier. Plum trees or maehwa 매화 are known as the herald of spring, the first to blooms among the early flowering trees. It has the similar hues of pink and white in their petals.

Near the village, you can try lot of foods and beverages with plum inside of it, range from ice tea, ice cream, even korean bbq or traditional korean cookies with plum sugar. I tried the ice cream and for me it doesn't taste like plum, its more like frozen yogurt ice cream? LoL

During the maehwa festival bus will runs from Gwangyang terminal to Seomjin village every hours. From Gwangyang terminal to Seomjin Village takes around 30 min (exclude the traffic jam ).

I went there at 18th of march and its still pretty enough,i think it'll last until this weekend or if the weather good enough until the end of the month.

How to go

- From Seoul Nambu Terminal or Dong Seoul Terminal take bus to Gwangyang 광양터미널
- From Gwangyang station, walk to the Noinbokjigwan Bus Station 노인복지관 (3280033)  take bus number 35 and get off  at Waeap Bus Station 외압 정류장 (30 mins, 30 bus stations)


- From Nambu Terminal take bus to Hadong Terminal 하동 터미널
- From Hadong Terminal Bus Station take bus number 35 and stop at Waeap bus station (7 mins, 4 stations) 

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