Summer Flower Festival - Taejongsa Hydrangea Festival

Its been a long time since my last post here. Its quite hard for me to write or find the right mood to write.

Summer is coming, besides the canola flower festival and poppy field that i have posted before, another flower that you dont want to be missed during summer is hydrangea.

During summer, Taejong temple at Taejongsa Busan the largest hydrangea habitat in Busan. 

Taejongdae located about 50-60 mins bus rides from Nampo-dong subway station or Busan Subway station. 

The public bus stop is about 5 minutes away from the park entrance. From the park you can go to Taejongsa easily by Danubi Train which also cover another 4 major destination within the park. The danubi train starts at 09.00 in the morning.

Get off at Busan Station exit 7, and walk straight about 150m and take bus number 88 or 101. Get off at Taejongdae Bus Stop and walk to the taejongdae entrance. You can walk to taejongsa around 20 min or use danubi train. 

click here for the maps
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  1. Hi. Will Hydrangea flowers still blooming in August and September ?

    1. Hi lai, the festival only until 2nd July but according to the news the flower will still at there until september. ^^

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