Experience the Japanese Style Inn - Nisshokan Bettei Koyotei Ryokan

My fave part about traveling aside from taking pictures, eating, and shopping is getting to learn about something new, a particular country traditions, customs, and of course immersing myself in their culture. Its always fun and un-explainable feeling. That's why when i went to Japan, i didn't missed this chance for experiencing the real japanese how the traditional Japanese culture, lifestyle, food, and their hospitality by staying in Ryokan. 

Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn that has existed  since Keiun period. You can easily find ryokan all over Japan where they served the travelers and samurais along the Japanese highway. Ryokan typically feature tatami-matted room, communal bath area, you can wear Japanese casual kimono yukata, and of course Japanese style breakfast and dinner. 

So here i am sharing about the highlight of our Nagasaki trip. We stayed at Nisshokan Bettei Koyotei, a part of HMI group. The ryokan is located in the top off the hills. Soon as we were arrived at the entrance all the staff warmly greeted. Cant forget how polite all the staff were. They are better than the 5 star hotels staff!! They invite us to sit and serve the cold ocha while we fill the guest card. They can't speak english well but they  really work hard and try to keep us happy and we didn't find any difficulties while stayed at there. 

The room had separate bathroom, toilet, living room, sleeping room, and balcony with incredible amazing view of nagasaki. It's a traditional styled inn so don't expect the modern amenities while you stay here. They use my fave tsubaki shampoo and complete shiseido amenities at there. 
WiFi only available at the lobby since we rented  unlimited LTE pocket WiFi so we are cool about it. 
Free gender-separated-onsen also available here. As for the Onsen, make sure you wash yourself throughly at shower area before dip in the onsen. Leave no trace of shampoo or soap on your body. Never splash in to allow your body adjusting to the heat. For medium-long hair its advisable to tying your hair. The Breakfast and dinner here were superb and tasty as well as the fresh sashimi. 

Fare of Hotels and Ryokans in Japan are based on the number of people. So if you travel alone remember to change the number to 1 guest instead of two, why because  my roommate could travel at that day, and i was alone in the room because i thought it was the 1 room fare so i didn't bother to inform the hotel. When we first arrived they ask why only 5 person coming instead of 6.  I have no idea why they feel so sorry about that until next day the manager gave me envelope and said they refund the money because my roommate couldn't come. I'm not even asking for refund! Super love this ryokan!!!

 day view vs night view from my room balcony

Needless to say, my first ryokan experience was unforgetable! I enjoyed the two nights that we spend there. If you are travel to Nagasaki and want to search for ryokan i will definitely recommend this one!!! :) I booked mine online from here, if you head to their site they only offer reservation through booking.com, and pay it onsite. I got mine cheaper because i choose to pay beforehand. 

If you are coming from nagasaki JR station, they also offer free shuttle bus from and to Nagasaki.
From Nagasaki Train Station to the hotel : every hour from 16.00-20.00
from hotel to Nagasaki Station : every hour from 8.05-10.06 and 15-35-19.35.

Nisshokan Bettei Koyotei
Tateyama, 5-13-65, 860-0007 Nagasaki


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