Korean Glowy Skin Secret - Ohui (后) Spa Experience

If you guys are my followers at Instagram you might be know that recently i got to experience my first Korean full body spa. The last few months had been drained me, so when Trazy invites me recharged at Ohui Spa i was so excited.
Ohui is one of the premium brand that created by LG H&H that also produces amazing SU;M37 and another premium brand like Whoo. This is not the type of brand that sold at high-end dept store in Korea. The concept of its brand is science to enhance the skin functionality. 
Why i'm super excited to try this? because Ohui known as the brand that use the stem cell technology to make it's formulation gentle enough to the sensitive skin person ( like me)

Thanks to it i can tried this facial and full body spa. Trazy or Travel Crazy this is a website that dedicated for informing the travelers about in-famous Korean stuffs, offers and tour packages.  I personally recommend you to check their site for reserving activities at Korea, especially when you didn't speak Korean or come to Korea as  a tourist.
Not because i'm sponsored by them. First because (if you want to reserve tour to the non-mainstream activities in Korea)  if you want to travel like locals, some of the destinations required you to travel by bus with several transfers and Korean site reservation need Korean phone number, internet explorer + tons of security program, plus alien id related verification, which are complicated and of course more expensive transportation fee. Trazy simplified it for you such as here. Second they provides English tour guides, and last but not least they offers you the best rates and deals. 

The spa is located near the park uphill, hidden in the middle of residential area.. surely high enough from hustle-bustle-Gangnam are. Which make it feels like the secluded luxury spa. After hiked in the super hot korean summer, entering this spa like entering oasis in the sahara. 
I was warmly greeted and ushered by my therapist and Ohui spa manager that day. While  i filled the form regarding the skin type, problem area, what kind of finishing that i want (BB cream or Sun Block) tea and walnut cake served in the table. They said that actress Kim Tae Hee and Shin Min Ah are regular at their spa. Too bad i didn't meet any of them that day.

There are several treatment rooms according to the type of package that you choose, Refresh, Special, VIP, and Whoo Spa. I tried the Special Care Package which includes very relaxing body massages (head, shoulders, arms, and legs) and of course facial itself.
You will asked to  The therapist hands wielding massage surely awesome. The pressure applied was just right and during the session she keep asking if the pressure is too hard or too weak. I can't clearly remember what happened because i was too busy enjoying my session and didn't remember it clearly but surely they did the deep cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, apply serum, emulsion, lotion/ moisturizer, oxygenated mask,modeling mask-where-i-dozed-off, again cleansed and finished with sun block as i wished. 

The 2 hour session ended with another tea and cookie at the reception area. The manager also kindly gave me a white brightening Su:m37 mask and ampule. 
The Final Verdict
My face looks fairer, dewy, look healthy and my body feels so nice and relaxed after the treatment. If you want to have the K-star skin while in Korea try this!
You need to remove everything except your panties,no male therapist here but if you aren't comfortable with it make sure to choose ur treatment wisely. check here for the each package details and price.

How to Go
From Sinsa station exit 3 walk straight around 5 minutes until you see ID plastic surgery hospital turn right. Keep hike till the end of the street turn left and when you see this hakdong-ro 21 gil
 turn right. you will see the violet board  signed Ohui Spa

Ohui (后) Spa Nonhyeon
27-2 Nonhyeon 1-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul
서울시 강남구 논현1동 27-2

click here for the maps

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