Beachfront dining at SEASALT seminyak

One of many fun things to do in Bali is relaxing while enjoying good food right by the beach. But most of the beachfront restaurant however, either located in over-crowded area that have too many people to appreciate the serenity and whimsical sound of the waves hitting the beach.

But can you beat a bar and restaurant that's right on the beach, without crowds, and serves good food? For me NAH!

If you followed my instastory or instagram, maybe you already know that we are Alila's fan, we love their hotel and beach bar (we even went to the beach bar everyday because of it's prime sunset spot >.< even when we stay at sanur and jimbaran) so, when we invited to have our dinner at  SEASALT  we are super excited!!

Even though this is an invitation, yours truly will still gave the 100% honest review like i always did.  Hotel restaurants are notorious for being overpriced and underwhelming and well to be honest disappointing in terms of comfort or social atmosphere. Imagine if you stayed at the hotel for 3 days and eat the same fine dining for 3 consecutive days? for me big no no. I think SEASALT successfully overcome this condition with their inexpensive meals, Japanese-fusion seafood menu, and  cozy decorated interior.
Seasalt name represents the main items that will be used for their signature dishes. The staffs are so attentive and kindly explain the ingredients and the concepts for every food.

The Centerpiece, the complimentary condiments is a mountain pile of decorated sea salt and shells where the nori aka seaweed wrapped smoked mackerels, butter and mayonnaise rillettes  hidden inside it. During the sea salt ritual, the host used little wooden hammer called gangsa to crack the sea salt crust and took the hidden gem inside it - dipping sauce. out after The dipping sauce was superb! perfect combination with the sourdough bread.

Another starter is watermelon cubes infused with lemon juice. They suggested us to dip it to curry powder before eat but i think it tasted better without the powder.
Kyoto Hummus - Idr 95k , the dish that made out of broccoli, avocado puree, mixed with edamame and moshio - the japanese black sea salt is our fave! its turned out super nice, buttery, creamy, lucious, and healthy in the same time.
My brother, who has fish allergies opted for Blue Swimmer Crab - Idr 125k, a combination between chawanmushi, a japanese styled egg custard with fresh crab meat and mayonnaise. It is so smooth and soft adjoined with the crab and mayo.. love it.

The main signature dish White Snapper - Idr 225k is an interesting dish. The presentation was made to represent condition under the sea. It was tender, moist, and juicy definitely must try dish but... remember to eat it with the seasides.
There are five types of sides, katsuoboshi salad, cucumber sesame salad, tomato salad, green salad, and dashi butter lemon sauce. I tried all of the sides but for me dashi butter lemon is the perfect one to neutralize the saltiness.

If you dont feel like eating seafood, Wagyu Short Rib - Idr 155k  or  Crispy Pork Belly - Idr 125k can be menu of choice. Their Wagyu Short rib is superbly beefy, flavourful, tender, and melt in your mouth >.<.

To be honest the pork belly was my least favorite thing among all the dishes. I'm expecting  crispy and crunchy pork skin but it turns out to be lil bit tough but the meat was succulent, with the rendered down fat.. juicy and tender at the same time.. good enough to  ignore the tough crackling somehow.

Passion Coco - Idr 95k completed our dinner course. The smoothness of the cream mixed with richness of coconut ice cream, passion fruit gelatin and crumbs are super awesome. Make sure to try this one too when you visit Seasalt.

To sum up, SEASALT offers an exceptional beachfront location and outstanding dishes. We will definitely re-visit this resto if we come to Bali next Dec. Yes, because we had amazing dinner experience here!

They have different menu for lunch and dinner so make sure to check their website for more information. You can also make reservation beforehand in here.

SEASALT - come for the food and stay for the view!

Have you been to Bali? What is your fave resto in Bali? or do you have any recommendation for place to visit or for eat in Bali? Please kindly pin or share this post if you like it.

Have a nice day~

Jl. Taman Ganesha no. 9
Petitenget, Bali - Indonesia
+62 361 3021 889
Monday-Sunday from 12.00noon - 11.00 pm

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