Hera Black Cushion - The ultimate cushion

Hi Guys i'm back with my another in-love cushion foundation. As you know Korean weather is mostly dry and so most of my cushion have dewy finished and when i go back to Indonesia it became super sticky and melted after few hours because of its hot and humid weather.

 Last summer when i went back to Korea i search for the slightly matte finished cushion and found out that hera my fave brand launched the black cushion.
  The packaging does reminds me to the expensive high-end cushion YSL, all black and golden.
  It comes with one refill  and 2 extra puffs.

I have used this foundation for 2 mo and i decided to post it because i love this cushion a lot.  It't not full matte finish, maybe around 80-90% with healthy dewy glows, and it gives you medium to high coverage, most of the engorging pores will be covered and it will create a smooth skin surface. But if you want to used this cushion during winter, spring or summer. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturized ur face prior to application because this cushion tend to accentuate the dryness and flaky spot on dry skin.

Final verdict
Coverage     : 8/10
Texture        : 8/10
Finish          : 9/10
Oil Control : 9/10
Packaging   : 9/10

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