Hongdae 24"7 cafe 트웬티포세븐플러스

Hi guys, it's been a while since my last cafe review and yeah i'm back with my cafe series. Thank you for always stay with me during my lazy updating blog and keep reading my blog  love ya. ;). 

24"7 cafe is tucked away in the small alley near Hongdae and Sangsu station. It's actually opened in 2016 and became popular recently esp for locals.

We ordered green tea ice blend and ice cappuccino with cheese cake and surprisingly taste good. 

 This cafe also provides hand bouquet and flower wrath as prop for taking picture while you are in the cafe. And of course we took lot of pictures in every of its photo zone. Well i think no one of you will passed this opportunity too right? hahaha 

Because  of its popularity you might need to wait for a few minutes to take a picture at one spot. Personally i love its concept and those kinfolk decoration. Decent price of food and beverage, with lotsa photo spot offered in this cafe, this is the one you may want to visit near Hongdae area.

Till next time guys, xoxo 

Click here for direction to the cafe 

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