Gangnam Flower & Cafe AGREABLE -

Hi Guys as what i promised there will be several post related to the cafe before i move to the travel sections. I actually randomly passed this cafe during my afternoon stroll at gangnam.

At first i didn't realize that this is actually a cafe, until i read the flower and cafe sign.
Soon as i enter agreable, i felt like im in the flower shop rather than a cafe. Seating sections are located on the second floor and it was pretty packed that day.

they also have cake and another fancier drink but im kinda full and not in mood for cake.

 I love the cozy athmosphere of the cafe and if i went around gangnam surely i will revisited this cafe for another beverage.
I ordered royal milk tea and it was alright, more to the nice side not too sweet tasted ok but lil bit overprice. (around 7000krw )

Click here for the map

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