Aoyama Tea House Akasaka Tokyo

Sugoiiii... すごい Thats' how i felt as soon as i enter this cafe in Tokyo. You know i always love flower cafe and this one is like dream land for me. Its look like flowery green house from the outside but with lotsa vines, flower, and plants. Soon as you stepped in, delicate flowers scent  welcomes you.. What a good place to soothe my mind after my hectic travel.

Actually i want to visit Aoyama tea house in Omotesando like everybody visited and reviewed until i passed this cafe on my way back to hotel after dinner near Akasaka station. I checked the name of the cafe twice before entering the cafe, and nearly screamed my head off. 

I had my dinner before, but still i ordered rose jelly parfait (~900) and flower french toast (~1000) because of their appearance >.< 

The rose jelly really taste like rose, not too sweet but perfectly nice when its eaten with the ice cream. 

The fruit french toast is toasted brioche topped with ice cram, cream and decorated with flower and fruits.

I was kinda surprised because it was passed my expectations and moreover no queue plus super nice ambiance.
 I'm glad i didn't went to Omotesando for my legit aoyama tea house experience. If you are near the akasaka station, and planning to go to aoyama tea house this is the one that you might want to be checked.

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House
5-3-1 Akasaka, Akasaka Biz Tower, Minato 107-052
Click here for direction to the cafe

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