SooBali Villa Atap Putih - the rustic villa you dont want to be missed

This is one of the villa i really want to visit in Bali. I've been keeping an eye for quite some time and luckily, last time when i went to Bali i managed to secured one night at this high demand villa.

 Atap putih villa is one of the villa under the Soo Bali Villas had 14 different villas spread all over Bali.

This villa atap putih is one of the high end villa in Bali that fulfilled all of the characteristics that i searched for the place to stay, well designed house with rustic but artsy decoration, white hammocks, completed with private pool and perfect location; secluded yet close to the hustle bustle location at Seminyak.

And if you like the romantic, ethereal bedroom, this villa is for you. I always love canopy bed, its romantic, timeless, and give the bohemian feels to the room. Perfecttt!

 I like the outdoor bathroom but i'm kinda feel insecure when i need to go to the toilet at the night ㅠ after heard the gecko sound even though i didn't see any of them.

Overall its a good chance for me to stay at this villa, the house keeper mbak etti also kindly assist us
during our stay in the villa.

I also make room tour video in here, kinda rush the process but yeah please kindly watch it too

So whats your fave place to visit in Bali?

Soobali villa atap putih
Jl. Kayu aya no. 50, Badung Seminyak Bali
Booking and reservation click here 

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