Cheongdam Dior Cafe by Pierre Herme 디올카페

Many people call them self as  coffee fan, coffee drinker, or else but the true coffee fanatics, not just drink it but also define it as the experience and pleasure to them. Are you one of the coffee fanatics? if you are coffee fanatics and avid fan of french pastry this is the place that you don't want to be missed.

Pierre Herme is well known french pastry maker in Paris that serves couture pastry. So don't expect to get the regular croissants or any traditional pastry here. Under the modern and luxurious  Dior flagship store, this cafe offering elegant and unique space after shopping experience. 

The staff will escort you to the cafe and will show you the entire building after you done with the cafe. Psstt~They also provides dior latest fragrance for use at the toilet. >.<

The menu itself changes and evolve according to the seasons. We ordered coffee latte glaze iapar rouge du bresil (krw 19000), coupe glacee ispahan (krw 32.000), millefeuille infiniment vanille (krw 32000), and baba ispahan (krw 32000).

The raspberry lil bit too sweet for my tongue but i love the vanilla millefeuille and the ice cream. Quite expensive compared to another cafe in Seoul, but yeah you pay for the place - 자리급  (jarigeub). 

I went to this cafe twice and both of them always end up nice. I recommend you to visit in the morning because this place tend to be crowded with gangnam-rich-ahjumma-groups in the afternoon.  

How to go
From Cheongdam Station (line 7) exit 9 go straight to cheongdam sagori.
Click here for direction to the cafe 

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