9 Things to do at Busan for the First Timer

Have you ever been to Busan? if you even never heard about Busan and Seoul is the only city of interest in Korea, obviously you never been to Busan, the fifth largest port city in the world and Korea second biggest city. Its well known for its seaports, seafood, beaches, and of course its dialects - Gyeongsang Province saturi. Its more warmer during winter, windy, and more relaxed than Seoul with plenty of places waiting to be explored.

If you are the first timer to Korea or Busan, these are the 9 things you must do in Busan. 

1. Visit the Gukje Sijang  - the International Market  국제시장

Gukje literally translated as International while Sijang is market. it was originally set by refugess who sheltered during Korean War in Busan in order to make a living. The market offers variety of goods, and can be compared with Namdaemun Market in Seoul. You can found anything that you want here with good deals and bargain. Its close to Bupyeong Kkangtong Market and BIFF square.
How to go
From Busan Metro line 1 exit 7 go straight and turn left, keep walking around 5 min
Address 부산광역시 중구 신창로4가 일원
               Sinchang-dong 4-ga Jung-gu Busan

2. Eat korean street food at BIFF Square 
BIFF was remodeled to promote Korean film industry and promote Busan as International cultural city, it was famous for its cinemas but nowadays lot of street stalls are popping around selling varieties of korean street food.

Busan is famous for its Sweet Seeds Pancake and Fishcake, you can get both of it for less than 1.5 dollar here in BIFF square. BIFF square is located within walkable distance from Gukje Market. 

3. Having Dinner at Bupyeong Night Market Streets

Enjoying Busan doesn't end after sunset, the fun continues in the diverse settings of neon board and delicious fragrant along the street and stalls as the night falls.

The stalls opens around 6.30 and full with the crowds. Kkangtong nightmarket show the charm of korean traditional market.
How to go
From Busan Metro line 1 Jagalchi station exit 7
Address 부산광역시 중구 부평동 2가 68-9
               68-9 Bupyeong-dong 2-ga Junggu Busan

4. Cafe Hopping at Seomyeon Cafe Street

The street full of unique cafes, bar, and restaurant that offers inexpensive ranges of food and drinks. The cafe street is not actually  a street but the name that given to Seomyeon area, hot place to hang out for the young people in Busan.

How to go
From Seomyeon station line 1 go to exit 1 or exit 2

5. Make Fishcake at Samjin Fishcake Factory

Fishcake or eomuk can be found in variety of dishes. such as tteokbokki, odaeng soup, or korean side dishes. Busan is famous for its fresh seafood products, home to the largest fish market and their food relied much on marine products, this is why Busan fishcake known as the most delicious over the country. Samkin fishcake bakery known as the oldest fish cake maker in Busan. Visitor can make the fishcake by yourself at the museum by paying the 10k krw.

How to go
From Busan metro line 1, Nampo Station exit 8 keep walking around 15min
Address 부산광역시 영도구 태종로99번길36 (봉래동2가)
              36, Taejong-ro 99beon-gil, Yeongdu-gu, Busan

6.  Take a picture at Gamcheon Village
Gamcheon used to be city's slum area after the refugees fled their homes and build shanty homes along the hillsides. Ministry of Tourism launch the creative community project and painted the street with mural. Its also known as Korean Santorini and surely have different attractive point.

How to go;
From Geojeong Station (Busan Subway Line) exit 6 use local bus Sakha 1 or 1-1
From Toseodong Station (Busan Subway Line) exit 6 get on local bus Saha 1-1, Seogu 2 or       
Seogu 2-2
Address : 부산광역시 사하구 감내2로 177-11
                177-11 Gamnae-ro, Saha-gu
Website : www.gamcheon.or.kr

7. Chillaxing on the daytime and party on the night
Busan Haeundae beach strikes a nice balance of casual beach chillaxing and people watching place. Duting the daytime you can either have a picnic, playing with sand, volleball, frisbee, or visiting the aquarium. Haeundae beach area also become a chill spot for clubbing. Handful of chic bar and club are located in this area.
How to go: take Busan metro to Haeundae Beach Station Line 2 and walk to the beach

8. Eat Sashimi at Jagalchi Market

 Jagalchi is the home to the fresh seafood and marine products in Busan, if you are planned to buy the sashimi, go to the shindonga market building where you can find the area for seafood feast. Ton of options for the cooking techniques and food type here.

How to go
Take Busan Subway Line 1 to Jagalchi Station and go to exit 10
Address : 부산광역시 중구 자갈치해안로 52
               52 Jagalchihaean-ro, Busan

9. Hiking Taejongdae
Taejongdae park has more than what you expected. Taking a hike up to the cliff side is another nice way to absorbing fresh air and closer to the nature. It takes time until you found the lighthouse but the view itself just pay all the hard work. If you dont have much time but still want to visit taejongdae, you can take danubi train for 2000krw to go to the light house.

How to go
From Busan metro line 1 Nampo-dong Station exit 6 take bus number 8, 30, or 113.
From Busan station take bus 88 or 101
Address 부산광역시 영두구 동삼2동 산 29-1
              29-1 San Dongsam 2-dong, Yeongdo-gu, Busan

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