Hongdae Dessert Laboratory - Seoul 디저트연구소 홍대

One day i was wandering the streets of Hongdae looking for a sip of matcha latte and a slice of cake for boost my glucose level to the normal range after photo hunting session and accidentally passed this cafe named Dessert Lab, i think i have saw some of their desserts somewhere at instagram. They are famous for their cute looking cake. As their menu kinda changes little by season so yeah all i posted here might not be available during another seasons or vice versa.

The Peach looks alike cake is actually a raspberry filled cheese cake while the cactus is cookies and cream cheese cake. Other than it seems to choco at least for me so i opt for the safe cookies and cream- cactus cake. If you like cutie decoration for ur drinks than you may want to try their blended ice drink but for me matcha latte. 

The cake is made with white chocolate shell and cream base filling. Honestly the shells taste bad for me. I dont like it. Its not because i cant handle large amount of sweetness it just taste weird. The cream filling and the cake taste  good and actually its quite fun to crack the shells! The matcha latte surprisingly super nice, creamy and yeah i love it. 

And if you are an instagram lover this is the place that make you want to take picture at everycorner. Its just aesthetically pleasant and perfect for photography backdrop. 
The dessert itself is quite expensive, but yeah its cute my cactus cost me 10.000 krw and 4000 krw for the matcha. I wouldnt say that this is one of my fav cafe in Seoul but yeah its a good spot for hang out or take some photos here.

Hongdae Dessert Lab
서울특별시 마포구 와우산로 29마길 22
22 Wausan-ro, 29 Ma-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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