Nonsan Sunshine Studio 논산 션샤인스튜디오 - an Instant Time Travel Switch

Mr. Sunshine, drama that set in the last decade of the Joseon Dynasty about secret Jeoson (the old name for Korea) resistance fighters struggles to protect their nation's sovereignty. Its well written, serious, and only have tiny lil bit of romance but somehow make me keep watching it till the end. When my friend asked if i want to visit Sunshine Studio in Nonsan im super excited. I never been to Nonsan before. This hidden city in the heart of Korea that might be lil bit too far if i want to spent my stay and what i always know is strawberries, just because they said its the best one in the Country. But like what i always feel in the rural area here you can feel people warmth and kindness more than if you stay in cities.

Nonsan is also known as the military training city in Korea, so before they serve the army they might spend few days or week in this training facility in Nonsan. If you ever watch Reply 1994, Nonsan training facility also appeared there. 

The Sunshine Studio is located at the same complex with the army experience theme park that build next to the actual army facility and completed with VR military game experiences, screen shooting ranges, and indoor shooting range. 

Unfortunately its not snowing when we went there, kind of wishing get lucky with the romantic train scene between Hina and Goo Dong Mae at when the train is moving. Usually the studio close at 5 o'clock in the evening but until next January every weekend they will open until 8 o'clock and the visitors can also enjoy the night view of the old 1900's era.

The scale is quite different to the one in the Suncheon and they dont provide costume rental here but its a nice place and worth the visit when you are around Nonsan. I tried to get the same pose like Kim Hui Sung did as they play card at Glory Hotel. 

As we also got to attend the Sunshine Love and Talk Concert,  attached some of the picture from the concert too hope you enjoy it ^^

Nonsan Sunshine Studio 
Operating hours 09.00-18.00 
Address: 102, Bonghwang-ro Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do (충남 논산시 연무읍 봉황로 102)
Admission: 7000krw 

How to go
From Nonsan train station, take bus number 201, 202, 203,204, 211,212, 213, 216,220, 221 and get off at Hunlyeonso Ipsodaedae Bus Station [훈련소입소대대] 45mins 35 bus stations and walk around 1km to the sunshine land
From Yeonmudae Express Bus Terminal take bus number 201 or 216 to Hwanghwa 4 ri [황화4리] and walk around 4 mins to the sunshine land