Oh, Yeosu! The Romantic Maritime City

여수밤바다, 이 조명에 담긴.. 아름다운 얘기가 있어, 네게 들려주고파 
전화 걸어 뭐하고 있냐고 나는 지금 여수 밤바다, 너와함께 걷고 싶다, 이 바다를 너와 함께 걷고 싶다......
Yeosu's night sea, with its light that contain a beautiful story, i'd like to tell you.. ask what you're doing, as i'm at the Yeosu night sea, I want to walk with you.. along the sea, with you - Busker Busker Yeosu Night Sea

Those songs get stuck and keep playing loop in my head, the song that represent the beauty of Yeosu. It didn't look like much at the first time but as i spend the whole day at there i got the hidden beauty of it, sight not to be missed and at momentarily i agreed with the Yeosu slogan - the romantic city. 

Here are my itinerary for day trip to Yeosu

How to Go to Yeosu (from Seoul)
KTX  around 3 hours - from Yongsan Station to Yeosu Expo Station 50.000krw for one way trip
ITX around 5 hours from Yeongdeungpo Station 40.500krw, Yongsan Station 41.100 krw
Bus From Gangnam Express Bus Terminal Honam Line around 4.5 hours 20.700krw

From Yeosu Station to Odong-do, take bus number 2 from Yeosu Expo Station L-Bus station [여수엑스포역-L정류장] get off at Odongdo Ipgu Station [ 오동도 입구정류장] - 7bus station 20 mins click here for the map

From Odong-do ipgu Station  [ 오동도 입구정류장]take bus number 2 again from the same bus stop and get off at Jung-ang Sijang [중앙시장]  - 9 stations 25mins and walk around 400 meters to the flower bread shop. click here for the map

Jinnamgwan to Jinnamsangga, Cafe Ganada Dasil, Cheonsa Mural Village, and Nangman Pocha are within walking distance. You can choose either see the sunset at nangman cafe or at the yeosu marine cable car.

As for the Crystal Cable Car (5people cable car) is 17000 for the single trip and 22000 for the round trip
8 person cable car is 12000 for single trip and 15000 for round trip while the coffee or juice at nangman cafe are from 4000~8000.

Hope you enjoy it ^^

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