WInter Hike to Balwangsan - Yongpyeong Resort

Yongpyong Resort is one of the the biggest ski and snowboard resort in Korea. Located at the foot of Mount Balwangsan in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province, Thanks to Gangwon province average annual snowfall of around 250 cm, Yongpyong Ski Resort is an all-time favorite ski resort among skiers and snowboarders. This actually site for the Alpine Skiing event at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

I decided to came here before the winter end after promising to myself  to hike another mountain during winter. I am not a hiker to be noted, i just love how pretty it turned at winter. Snow covered trees, frozen cedar tree, it just amazing. Felt in love with it since my last visit to deokyusan. After searching for few site for hike i found that this one is the easiest of all because from the cable car to the top only took around 15 mins.

Soon after we arrived we bought our gondola ticket for balwangsan. It was 9 oclock and not so many people at that time. The snow was not so thick that day, with bit of flutter but i still love the view. Balwangsan gondola known as one of the longest trail with magnificent view. It takes around 15-20 mins with cable car to the top. Few of korean dramas such as Goblin, Gangnam Beauty, even Winter Sonata taken here.

Natural landscape of Greater Baekdu Mountain Range, the garden is surrounded by white, powdery snow and a forest full of yew trees this is just perfect end my winter this year

How to go
I booked return shuttle bus from sport complex direct to Balwangsan from here , and it was really convenient compared to other method of transportation. It takes around two and half hours for one way trip and the seat is available on a first come first served base so make sure you come earlier.