Summer Daisy Field - Cheongoksan Yukbaekmajigi in summer

Seoul crowded streets and twisted alleys combined with summer relentless heat can be overwhelming and draining . For those who cannot stand this weather, escaping the city and enjoying the natural beauty of daisies in the mountains sounds like an enticing idea.
 Cheongok Mountain located in Hoedong-ri at the border between Pyeongchang and Jeongseon counties in Gangwon province. During summer the visitor can see the beautiful daisy field spread at the foot of yukbaekmajigi. Since the topography is relatively flat and the area is large enough to crop 600 majigi of rice seeds. Yukbaek(yukbaek/육백) means six hundreds in Korean.  Visitors also can enjoy strolling through the woods and tried edible greens.

Surrounded by picturesque trees, mountains and huge windmill yukbaekmajigi made one of the beautiful place you don't want to be missed.

How to go
It's quite hard to visit this place without private car, but worry not since now pyeongchang city tour bus eco healing route includes this as one of their tour destination. The tracks on Mount Cheongok is still made out of rough road so it will be better to come with the tour.

The tour started from pyeongchang station or Jinbu station and finished with dinner at Pyeongchang Trout (Seongeo - 송어 )Cultivation Center. The day tour will cost around 27000krw including entrance fee and dinner too.  I enjoyed my visit despite drench in the rain that suddenly came while i was busy taking drone shots that day, hopefully you'll love it too ^^

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