Asan Paradise Spa Dogo

Have no idea about where to go during summer holiday?? Asan Paradise spa dogo might can be considered as a place to go this summer. Located in Asan about 90 km south of Seoul and it's the perfect location for a one day family trip to the hot springs and spa.  It has both indoor and outdoor pool, slides, lazy river pool, and various event spa that have health benefits.

There are various program that offered by the spa itself other than the regular water park such as morning/evening stretching, Aqua PT, Kids aqua PT, Family Aqua PT, as well as Stretch & Thera band Exercising. all of the program are free except the family healing program and aqua PT. We tried the lazy pool, wave pool, and i also tried the hot spring but since its located inside the changing room its not possible to take a picture of the hot spring. the Bade pool, its can only be can be used with at least 140cm in height so people less than 140cm or children must be accompanied by guardian.

The event spa is my fave one, where you can relax wafer playing in the water yet getting the benefit from the healthy ingredients solved in the water depends on your health conditions, they have grape pool, sansuyu pool, omija (magnolia berry spa), mugwort, peach, eucalyptus, lavender, and many more. Of course one time wont be enough to gain the full benefit, but personally i love colored water and its flowery smells.

There also have play area for kids by the cafeteria, kids sliding, and pool, they also provided breastfeeding and changing room for babies. My complain about this place is the food that we had in the cafetaria, its was reasonably priced, but the taste was just so-so? or maybe we just didn't choose the right one. I got seollongtang and my friend got fried rice with jjajang sauce but neither of it taste super nice for the price wise. Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Paradise Spa Dogo.

Paradise Spa Dogo
176-1 Dogo spa-ro, Seonjang-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do Hours: Closing soon·7AM–11PM Phone: 041-537-7100

How to go
By KTX from Seoul - Cheonan Asan - 14200 one way
then take shuttle bus {free} from exit 3 platform 1 (one time 11.20) to paradise spa dogo
from paradise spa dogo - cheonan asan station 16.30

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