De-clutter the mind - well being retreat to Healiance Seonmaul

remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)

Have you ever think about having a self focused vacation contrary to the regular vacation? short time off from daily routine, going somewhere to escape your daily life routine,  get a time off from crazy hectic lifestyles, to the safe sanctuary that allows you to "un-plug" the stresses and strains yet harmonize your body, mental, just like a de-clutter program for your mind.

This is my first time having this kind of retreat and hopefully i can keep doing this as a routine in the future :) immersed in a holistic wellness and having social media-phone detox during my trip, surprisingly i felt healthier, and also lower visceral fat level as a reward! not totally convinced?

/About Healience/
Healience Seonmaeul is one of the best well being retreat that i ever been in Korea. Healience is Korea’s first well-aging based healing resort, healience means healing and science place that combining science and healing to help you ease your mind, exercise, and helps you change life rhythm habits for well-aging in natural environment. The guest rooms were made to resemble mud huts in the forest, at first when i enter the room simple but cozy is the first word that came  into my mind, its earthy zen white stone in the balcony, dark wooden plank in the deck, and warm tones wood panel used inside the room,  combine with transparent ceiling above the bed and huge window just in front of your bed... i just simply love it!  who wouldn't love staring at the night sky and wake up in the middle of nature? just simply fit into their philosophy simple, natural, and humble.

/Why Healience/

Delicious healthy meals, healing therapies, trekking, walking, yoga retreats, healience just offers more then just a healthy alternative to my regular weekend holiday. Its quite unique as they allow you to truly detached from internet, no cellular signal here! from the entrance, the phone just losing its signal. How often do you reach for the phone first thing in the morning, check your instagram  notifications, and often when i'm  on vacation rather than enjoying myself i'm more concerned about taking the perfect Instagram picture  and this internet detox gives me a bit of clarity into this,  letting the mind quiet down from its daily routine, re-connect with that inner silence and inner peace within. this place really provides me a much needed safe space in my busy lives, to finally slow down, to  relax and enjoying my time with my friends, to be with ourselves.

/Intentional Inconvenience/
Rather than other type of resort that make your stay convenience and serve almost everything for you, they are taking a differen approach force us to slow down and walk through the steep up hills and walk down again to have your meal,spa, or just to connect to internet at business center. This allow us to think through activities, and connect on a deeper level, make you out of your comfort zone yet still able to enjoy the process.
 The only place to use internet here is at the 2nd floor of welcome center in this business center you can use wifi and computer, no limit until when you can stay here. This room also serve as an art room, we end up coloring mandala's picture provided here and find it so relaxing, spend around 1 hour here during my stay at healience and most of it used for coloring the picture >.<. Later on found out that mandala coloring is also one of art therapy and meditation tool.

/Things to do while staying at Healience/
//enjoy the walking trail//
Rather than heavy and extreme exercise, walking trails are also available to explore. 
There are 10 trekking courses, the easiest one called mountain guardian course (1.1km) but this course has the highest concentration of pines among all trekking courses while the Zen Course (3.3km) is the steepest course, and takes the longest time all of the trails are well marked you just need to follow the paths out into the forest and then back to the villas. You may also bring the wood stick that provided in the room while trekking. Various relaxation areas also scattered around the trails, you can stop for a while, catch your breath, relaxing and enjoy the sound of nature here. 

//concentrate on yourself at Sunhyang cave//
Meditation is known to have lot of health benefits and may be uniquely suited to help people cope with extreme stress. Several studies have found links between meditation and measureable reduction of depression and anxiety. The Sunhyang Cave is a dark, cozy place in the middle of forest, where you can stop, escape from the summer heat, and concentrate on yourself. it was designed to reminiscent of a cave for monks, you can enjoy peaceful meditation.

//relaxing at the Forest //
There are various programs such as active meditation, dance class, balance exercise, or group exercise in the forest yurt or at the gx room at the front building, make sure you check the schedule, most of the program except the packaged one are free to be joined if you are stay at the resort. They have various tools that you can explored here during your stay. When the weather is nice, they also have forest meditation and campfire at the night

//release the tension at the Spa//
they have two different heated pools (spa) and two different saunas (heated room) both of them located in a separate building. Both of spa and sauna for men and women are separate. As for the sauna building they have rock sauna and anion room here. It was a hot summer day so we skipped this sauna room and went directly to the spa building. The Natural healing spa have the carbonic acid pool, thermal pool, and palseon sauna. If you don't feel like move from one building to another you actually can do the palseon sauna inside the spa building.

Palseon sauna have natural marble and red clay that absorb far-infrared radiation along with the seven gem stones here it can boost your metabolism and it's effective for anti-aging, skin care, relief of neuralgia, backaches, stress, and chronic fatigue, and stimulates blood circulation. Out of the spa i love the carbonic acid pool the most me and my girls spend around 30 mins here talking and relaxing, i can't stay at thermal spa more than 10 mins and the the palseon sauna is also quite hot too.
Its open from 5am to 12pm but closed for cleaning at 9am - 10:30am.
//eat healthy foods at Bichae//
Who said that healthy foods not tasted good? we kinda worried that we need to eat tasteless food during our stay here but hey they surprisingly great!!! no fried and grilled food served here, mostly are steamed, blanched, or boiled. They have nutritionist work on site to ensure all the ingredients advantage the daily nutrition needed. They also use low sodium, low spice, and free artificial seasoning most of the flavor come out of the natural ingredients used in the food itself. To be honest i thought it were great, the spice is just enough to make you enjoy the food. It made me less bloating, and lighter after my stay here, and somehow this also change my eating way, i used to love fried, sweet-savoury dishes but after my visit, i felt like don't crave to these kind of food after my visit. 

Address: 강원도 홍천군 서면 종자산길 122
122 Jongjasan-gil, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do

website: https://english.healience.co.kr/

/How to go/
//By Car//
When using a GPS device, you might be asked to take a route entering Seorak IC. Since it is a dangerous road to drive on, it is highly recommended that you enter Gangchon IC.
Once you get out of Gangchon IC, you must turn left at a T-junction and go straight toward Hongcheon. (If you follow the instruction from the GPS device and turn right at the T-junction, you might need to make a detour by driving past Vivaldi Park, Daemyung Resort.)

//By Shuttle Bus// 
I found this as the most easiest way to came here, they have shuttle bus from exit 5 of jamsil station. You need to reserve the shuttle bus beforehand on their website, round trip for shuttle bus cost 5000 krw and 3000krw for one way trip

//Reservation //
reservation can be made at healience website here or through trazy website here for 30% discount and more foreigner friendly

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