Summer in Gangwon - Highone Resort and hotel

Since I have spent most of my time exploring Seoul to date and now the situation is not good enough to travel to Seoul, so when my friend ask if i want to go to Jeongseon for the weekend i was pretty excited. Jeongseon is locates 3 hours by bus and train from Seoul, mostly surrounded by mountain and known for its arirang slogan.

Highone Resort and Hotel has one of the highest elevation slope in korea and known for its best ski slopes. There are 3 highest points in High 1 Ski Resort, which are Mountain Top (1,340m), Valley Top (1,376m), and Mountain Hub (1,250m). With 20 slopes, there will be plenty of options for both beginners and advanced skiers. It offers more than just a ski park, it also have forest exploration, casino, trekking, hiking trail, meditation, yoga in the forest and sky path tour so basically its like all year round resort and hotel. FYI korean can't enter all casino across country except this one! So in the past lot of people just came here for gambling at the casino too.

This time we choose to stay at the hotel  but actually there are several buildings here, the nearest one is Grand Hotel main tower, where the casino located. This is also the most closely located hotel to the ski slopes among the three hotels in the area.

There are shuttle buses that frequently run between Grand Hotel Main Tower and Mountain Ski House/Valley Ski House, the two main gates to the slopes so its actually easy to move between hotel and ski tower

How to get here,
You can take bus from dong seoul bus terminal to Jeongseon bus terminal 3.30 hours or train from cheongryangni 3.30 mins or took shuttle from from Line 2 Sport Complex  around 3 hours with one way ticket will cost you 23 000 won ($20).

Full day lift pass costs 72 000 won ($65) and equipment rental is 28 000 won ($25). There is a 40% foreigner discount offered on lift passes and equipment rental if you provide either your ARC or passport.

This discount isn’t advertised but you can get your coupon from the foreigner’s desk but again if you calculate all of this, rather than do it separately, just get the ski package with trazy here that already includes ski lift for 3 days, 2 night stay and round bus trip with affordable price and less hassle. Because to be honest day trip with 7 hours on the bus and train will be too much. I really recommend to stay at least one night at the condo or hotel.
 and we booked it separately and believe me we spend more than the package since they don't have this package in the summer.

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