Day Lily Cold Noodle Restaurant - Un Am Jeong 운암정 원추리 냉면

 Summer heat and humidity make me crave for Korean popular dish, cold noodle or naengmyeon. Although naengmyeon is a beloved summertime staple, it is enjoyed throughout the year, even during the frigid winter months especially after eating meat bbq.

 I don't really like the watery mul naengmyeon one i like the spicy bibim naengmyeon, served with a sweet and spicy sauce, cold beef slices and a halved boiled egg as the variations of the dish.

Un Am Jeong located inside the high one resort, known for the drama setting location. Compared to another restaurant its quite expensive! but if you really want to try the day lily (원추리 냉면) you must try this! omg the best bibim naengmyeon and broth, if you ever tried the yuksamnaengmyeon this one is 5 times more expensive but good to try esp if you are around high one resort.

This location also has a lot of Korean traditional games as well as photo spots, during the day it also serves as a cafe so pay visit here while you are in the area ^^

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