Baekseol GongJu The Snow White Dessert Cafe - Ewha Woman University Korea 빽설공주 디저트카페 이대 신천

Last weekend i went to Ewha Woman University화여자학교 , also known as Edae 이대 or Idae, as an acronym for it.  this is the Korean’s first educational institute for women. Founded in 1886 by Mary F. Scranton, an American missionary of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

I love went to university area it was always packed with university students around and full of small shop cluster around the campus frontgate, restaurants, accessory shops, small clothing boutiques, shoe shops, cafes, cosmetic store, and hair salons. If you are searching for the most variety in the latest Korean fashion; they will have all the Korean fashion items sold everywhere in Korea, in the cheaper price here near the college area. Since there are so many salon concentrated in this area, price are kept competitive but the service quality is still nice, a lot of overseas tourist come here for getting their hair done too.

I had my lunch at home before i coming here so i cant stuff my tummy even with my fave street food, herb chicken but well as the wise people said theres always room for dessert tehee..

So, due to that lame reason we went to one of dessert cafe name Baekseol Gongju 백설공주 literally means snow white princess unique name for a dessert cafe, it was located in the second floor in the same building with artbox, 50m from the subway station.

i ordered the mayakoksusu 마약옥수수 or the snowy corn for 4.0 and greentea latte 녹차라떼 4.2, and caffe latte for my friend 카페라떼 3.8

The cafe atmosphere it self is quite nice and cozy but somehow the world dessert cafe stated in the cafe reminds me of the previous cafe i had visited before, to the different. Maybe it has to do with the variety of desserts they offered or what.

The corn taste chewy, totally different with corn back in my country, which is more crunchy and thinner. They look more rounded and tasted like a glutinous corn perhaps? but combine with the cheese powder its just ok, not taste bad or so delicious and make me crave for it. Maybe it will be better if  they give slight hint of red pepper flakes to reduce the cheesiness instead of lemon imho.
But well i will be comeback for trying their monster ice cream or bingsu someday~

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