Innisfree 2015 VVIP - GreenTea Club Gift Set, Jeju Sparkling Mineral Cream Review

오늘 이니스프리 2015년 1분기 그린티클럽 키트 디퓨저 체리블러썸 벛꽃 수령후기 갖고나왔습니당~

Hi everyone
sorry for not updating my blog often, im kind of busy with my new semester and my own lab project here >.< but finally managed sometime to take a picture and update my blog.
Today i got the 1st gift set at 2015 from innisfree. Its from innisfree aromatherapy candle and diffuser, the green tea club member has more advantages since they could choose between the candle aromatherapy and diffuser and the vvip member can only choose from the diffuser range.

I found candle less comfortable for me compared to diffuser thats why i ordered the diffuser in cherry blossom, because its spring too~

Another items that i want to review is Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Cream it comes with a jar without a spatula, and just wash your hand and dip it to scoop the cream and cover your entire face. I use this creamafter i finish my green tea seed deep moisture cream which help me to survive from the drying winter wind in incheon during the last winter.

Its half clear cream which is blended easily and absorbed in a few minutes, after the application it will give you a moisture look. Its gie you a nice scent but not too overwhelm. it smells like baking powder?? i dont know why but somehow it smells like etude house baking powder range but this one is more citrusy? and its made of carbonated spring mineral water , green tea, camellia extract, shea butter and ceramid. its also free from paraben, animal material, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, artificial flavour?? and imidazolinil urea

Everytime i used this cream it gives me fresh cool sensation, i feel refreshed and moistured at the same time but it didnt gave me any heavy cover feeling. its light enough and it does a good job for  moisturizing my skin.  I use this on daily basis for a month before i reviewing this cream, and it does work well for the moisturizing effect during spring but for the whitening and pore tightening effect im not sure about it yet, because i use few product beside this. So far it didnt make my super sensitive dry skin break out which are another surplus for it. ^^
Sorry for the picture but you can see the different of moisture if you zoom it~

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